Latto Faces Backlash for Provocative Comment to Child Interviewer

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Latto is being criticized by the morality police because of the “sexually liberated woman” response to a child’s child interviewer.

On Thursday (Sept. 29) Twitter user @itzBreezyyyy_ tweeted an ephemeral snippet of an TikTok video that features the child’s fashion journalist Taylen Biggs chat in a conversation with Latto. In the video, Biggs asked the 2020 XXL Freshman what she thought of the characteristics of her “personal style.” Latto’s answer might be too revealing for an adolescent.

“I think I’m authentic, I think I give a modern sexually liberated woman,” Latto declared. “You’ll learn about that later.”

Biggs seems to be confused about what “It’s Givin'” rhymer was referring to, but she replied “Ok” and moved on to the next question.

The video was first published on Sept. 13, on Taylen Biggs’ Instagram and TikTok pages. Then, on IG, Latto thanked the young girl for interviewing her.

“Good luck on all ur endeavors Lil mama,” she wrote in the comments section. She also posted smiley faces with hearts emoji , and a kiss emoticons.

Biggs responded, “[Latto] love you!!! Thank you for the interview [smiling face with hearts emoji].”

Latto Thanks Biggs to Biggs for their interview.



Despite the innocent tone of the video, a lot of people thought Latto’s provocative comment was not appropriate for a child. In a blog article about Latto’s remarks,

Love and Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood star Hazel-E made a slip in the comment section and stated that she would “G-check” the Atlanta rapper for what she thought an insensitive comment made to the child.

“She ain’t have to be so provocative in front of that lil girl,” she wrote. “Modern, seductive and liberated. Vivacious, current and free spirited. You just gotta know what is appropriate for what audience.”

“Bring back artist development! I use to teach it when I was a publicist for Insterscope,” she continued. “I remember the first time I trained Gaga for the red carpet…and read the room.”

On Twitter, the critics were criticizing Latto because of her more provocative remarks to the infant child.

“I definitely agree, latto should’ve kept this classy especially due to the fact she’s being interview by a child it’s clear as day that girl is young as hell if you don’t have anything other to say that’s not sexually related then you ain’t got shit to offer!” One person tweeted.

One user wrote, “I honestly don’t think people is doing too much on latto. Who even thinks to mention anything sexual to a little child [crying face emojis].”

One person wrote “Y’all giving an excuse for Latto is foolish. It is not a good idea to mention “sexual freedom” to A LITERAL child. There’s a time and a place AND AUDIENCE for certain things and sometimes it’s necessary to censor yourself.”

In spite of all the criticisms, it appears like Taylen Biggs isn’t having a problem and didn’t get stung by the remarks of Latto.

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