Latto is the cover star for the Cosmopolitan “Skin Issue,” but she only agreed to pose nude after confirming it would be “tastefully done.” She was just as thoughtful in her answers for the accompanying interview, including her goals beyond her chart-smashing music career.

“I want to get in my acting bag, because I see myself going out like Rihanna,” Latto told writer Julee Wilson. “I don’t see myself doing music forever. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I’ve been doing it for so long already. Sometimes you just want more. I just did my first little acting gig the other day and I fell in love with that. I like more serious roles.”

Cosmo noted that Latto will be a guest star at some point during the upcoming sixth and final season of Grown-ish, premiering next Wednesday, June 28, on Freeform.

Earlier in the interview, Latto explained why she keeps her boyfriend’s identity private and was asked if she wants children someday, which led to another Rihanna reference.

“I want to be a mom so bad. Let me tell you, I think moms are superheroes. Man, I literally idolize motherhood. Like, with Mother’s Day, I get all my friends that have kids, my grandmas, my aunties, cousins, anyone who’s a mom around me, I send them flowers and gifts. I don’t play,” she said. “I send my assistant to Chanel to get, like, 10 bags for everybody I know. I’m obsessed. My TikTok algorithm is all moms talking about their experiences and packing like, ‘Get ready with me.’ Moms cleaning up after their kids. It’s so weird.”

Latto continued, “I’m not going to feel like I made it for real until I have my kids, I’m married, I just got my house out in the country, and I’m just ducked off with my little family.”

After Wilson quipped that “Rihanna’s got everybody out here having baby fever,” Latto added, “Yes. That’s why I love RiRi down. Cardi did it too. And Yung Miami. I feel like they kind of supersede the stigma that it’s over for women when you have a baby — like your career is over. They give me inspiration for real. They make me feel like I can do it too one day when the time is right, you feel me?”

Rihanna welcomed her first child, a son, with ASAP Rocky in May 2022. The polymath power couple are expecting their second child, as Rihanna revealed she was pregnant during her Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show performance in February.

See outtakes from Latto’s Cosmo cover below.