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Latto recently released “Put It On Da Floor Again” featuring Cardi B. She kept with the titular theme and laid it all on the line with her sister, Brooklyn Nikole, for Cut‘s “Truth Or Drink.”

The nearly nine-minute YouTube video that dropped on Sunday, June 4 covers a lot of ground. Latto confirmed that she’s “in a relationship” without naming her boyfriend, but when asked if she’s had “a same-sex sexual encounter” in the past, she admitted she’s kissed a girl before singing, appropriately, Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl.”

“I was single when I did that, bae,” Latto clarified, addressing her unnamed boyfriend. “He don’t like that. He think even girl on girl is cheating.”

When asked whether she’s “hooked up with a famous person,”Latto opted to take a drink rather than answer. But at the 3:52-mark, she had no problem sharing when she’s felt most nervous to perform.

“Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Clive Davis,” she said, referring to Davis’ famed Pre-Grammy Gala. Brooklyn interrupted, “I was finna say that!”

“You my twin, for real,” Latto said, then continued describing the performance. “Clive Davis, the Grammy party. You know what? It was too many famous people in there. I had just seen Cardi B. It was legends. And I had a wardrobe malfunction,” she said. “My whole crotch ripped open. Here I am bending over, like, ‘Ay, ay,’ and I’m like — yeah, that wasn’t good.”

Before the 2023 Grammys in February, Variety captured a part of Latto’s “Big Energy” performance at Davis’ gala that showed Joni Mitchell dancing along.

Elsewhere on “Truth Or Drink,” Latto read some of her most recent DMs, and Brooklyn revealed that her least favorite Latto song is “Pull Up” featuring 21 Savage.

Watch the full “Truth Or Drink” video above.

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