Over the past few months, entertainers have been trying everything to get fans to stop throwing things on stage during their performances. Drake outright told It’s All A Blur attendees to only throw bras, while Latto went a step further and threatened a fan with an ass beating during a recent show. Unfortunately, her warning went unheeded by at least one fan at Rolling Loud, as Latto was forced to nearly stop the show after someone threw a phone on stage while she performed “Muwop.”

It’s difficult to see any flying objects in the video, but Latto’s body language says enough. She stops rapping for a bit, looking extremely peeved, before she adjusts her outfit and gets back to work. She’s enough of a pro to recognize that the show must go on, but for a second, it does look like she’s ready to rumble after all.

Latto had a more positive fan experience at another recent festival performance when a fan who wanted her attention got it in an appropriate way, holding up a sign that read “Latto, sign my ass.” She obliged, then joined the fan in an impromptu twerk session. This seems like some thing more fans should try instead of throwing their $800 supercomputers at performers.

Source: uproxx.com