LeBron James Comes Under Fire For Saying Tory Lanez ‘Never Misses’ On Twitter

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Let’s face the facts: everyone who is an NBA fan would certainly wish to dunk , especially on a great of all time player like LeBron James. The odds are that they’ll never have the chance to do it, however and will be forced to do a dunk on LeBron James on Twitter. This is exactly what they’ve been doing over the past half an hour after the gifted athlete put his shoe into his mouth via the app. Many have hailed him by many as being among the NBA’s top rappers Seriously getting one of your tracks accompanying an exercise video of LBJ is more likely to be more valuable than the millions you spend on advertising these days”Bron’s latest musical opinion regarding the Tory Lanez artiste has him avoiding the criticism instead.

In response on an NBA podcaster’s claim”that “love his music or loathe him.. “The Lanez Of Tory consistently makes amazing music.” LeBron agreed, “FACTS !!!! He never misses. This boy is a talented man! Bangers for days! !”


Oh. Oh.

Let’s face it: We all know the meaning he intended. But it’s an extremely poor word choice (RIP Heath! ).

Tory Lanez, who until recent was known best for being a type like a low-budget Drake who’s Chixtape mixtape series was a popular choice for fans but has been gaining more fame for the alleged shooting of his fellow hip-hop artist Megan Thee Stallion in the foot of her back after an argument at the event. Hollywood party. The rapper is being tried on charges of the assault in the near future — if the judge does not ask to have it delayed once more — and is mostly the persona non grata to a wide swath of hip-hop enthusiasts (naturally there are his supporters, as if he believes that ignoring women is a standard American standard).

Bron obviously is probably referring back to the music of Tory Lanez, but I don’t need to explain why the pronunciation is so awkward. And I certainly don’t have to, since it seems like every person is on Twitter does this. Here are a few examples:

A wise man once stated: “Each day on Twitter there’s a principal persona. The goal is not to be that character.” LeBron appears to have failed todayhowever, like they say, great shooters have very short memories. Perhaps he’ll be able to rebound the next day.

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