Lenny Kravitz, the singer known for his 2000 hit single “Again,” has made his debut on TikTok on September 23. The debut features Kravitz’s infamous giant scarf, which has been the subject of numerous memes over the years.

In his first TikTok video, Kravitz can be seen walking towards the camera while wearing the scarf and saying, “Grab your big scarf. It’s the first day of fall.”

Kravitz was first photographed wearing the oversized scarf in 2012 while running errands. The size of the scarf quickly became a running joke on the internet, with fans photoshopping the image to make the scarf appear even larger.

Kravitz has addressed the memes in the past, including in a 2020 interview with GQ. He commented on the exaggerated size of the scarf in some images, stating, “Okay guys, the scarf is three times bigger than it really is in this picture, but it was big and it was cold.”

Despite the jokes, Kravitz appears to look back on this memory with fondness. You can view his debut TikTok video above.

Source: uproxx.com