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Throughout the years, Bow Wow’s social media presence has been something of a roller coaster experience for the 35-year-old rapper. He’s equally prone to walk himself into an epic roast session as he is to remind fans of his outsized influence on the world of hip-hop.

However, every once in a while, he shares a thought that takes the latter further than just earning his long-overdue appreciation and actually posits a positive use for it. In this case, Bow Wow proposed that rappers collectivize to solidify their power base in the music industry and provide for the genre’s pioneers, many of whom were left in the lurch in their latter years.

“Hip hop needs a board!” he argued. . “No different than the NBA w/ the players association. A committee. That can set rules and keep things in control and protect this thing we call hip-hop! And have a retirement plan for the OG rappers. I hate seeing my heroes liquor’d out no money just washed.”

It’s a good idea, if not a particularly original one. After all, Jay-Z said as much nearly two decades ago and numerous artists have followed suit since. But the idea has been taking root and fans seem more amenable than ever to backing such an effort.

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