Lil Baby Recounts Losing A Whopping $600K While Gambling With Drake And James Harden On A Tragically Expensive Vacation

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It appears that the crew on Starz the show BMF isn’t alone in making cash fast. Rap star Lil Baby is on top of his game and shows no sign of slowing down, after having three consecutive weeks at No. 1. Billboard 200 album, It’s All Me. As the saying says when you’re working hard you can have fun and play with your other friends similar to Drake and could even include gambling.

In the course of promoting his new album while promoting his new album, the Atlanta native was invited to Complex’s 360 which was hosted by Speedy Morman, to speak about his humble beginnings as an artist, spending time with billionaires and, of course, gambling with Drake.

In July the month of July, we told you that Drake was a winner the $25m he lost on Roulette with French Montana, and it is possible that his bad luck may have spilled over to Lil Baby. In an interview with the magazine, Baby admitted to losing approximately $600,000 playing Baccarat alongside Drake, Meek Mill, James Harden, and former 76ers owner Mike Rubin while on vacation.

He stated, “Just one night everyone was in the Bahamas and we were playing together. Drake, Meek Mill, James Harden, and Mike Ruben.” Then, he admitted “I made a loss of 600,000 dollars.”

In the following conversation, Morman questions “Is that the worst day you’ve ever had in gambling?”

“Nope,” Lil Baby responds.

Morman persists “You’ve lost more than that?”

“Unfortunately,” Baby painfully says.

If you’re making a minimum profit of $200,000 per year and you’re able to make a loss of $600,000 isn’t going to cause too much of a hole in your pocket.

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Uproxx Lil Baby Recounts Losing A Whopping $600K While Gambling With Drake And James Harden On A Tragically Expensive Vacation Top HipHop

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