Lil Baby Speaks At Panel With Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine

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Los Angeles, CA – Lil Baby has made it a routine of making use of the platform to shed light on issues he believes will create positive change in the public.

Baby recently participated on a panel with Dr. Dre, and the legendary Music Executive Jimmy Iovine in favor of Proposition 28 in California, which aims to bring music and art programs to all public schools across the state.

“A couple schools they got arts and crafts programs, but a majority of schools in the Atlanta public schools that I was in they don’t,” he explained. “They aren’t really part of these opportunities. For someone similar to me who was raised in the same area situation, had I had that chance, I would have gone more.

“I know many people who admire me, for instance, saying”I want to become a rapper, or I’d like to become engineer, or I would like to write beats. It’s like, go and start. If they could have it at school, I’m sure it could have been an entirely different conversation on what kids are doing in their spare time. There’s nothing other for them to be doing.”

According to ABC7, Former Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Austin Beutner revealed that the state is planning to invest around 1 billion dollars in music and arts programs in schools and will not cost taxpayers a dime.

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“No new taxes. The only thing we’re trying to do is take record-breaking revenues, surpluses and surpluses and giving it to children,” said Beutner. “The schools have the power the final say on how they spend the money. If they have art , and they’d like to add music, that’s great. If they’d rather do theatre and dancing is fine, too.

“We recognize that involvement in music and arts increases attendance. Students learn better math when they take part in music. Therefore, it is an integral element of a quality education.”

There is no opposition to the legislation The state hopes Proposition 28 gets passed late this year.

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