A funny thing that happens sometimes is when words — especially slang terms — get overused to the point that they lose their meaning. One recent example of this phenomenon might be the word “woke,” which has been run into the ground by conservative talking heads who constantly reveal they have no clue what it even means.

Another one might be “GOAT.” An acronym meaning “greatest of all time,” the term’s been applied to athletes and entertainers so much that some of them have apparently begun taking on the title without even understanding the acronym. In a recent interview with Lil Baby and his artist Rylo Rodriguez, the latter rapper revealed this has been the case for him, despite his using the term in one of his album titles and even pairing it with a hilarious album cover that got him roasted on Twitter at the time.

Appearing on the “GOAT Talk” segment for Complex, the two rappers were supposed to debate the greatest things like restaurants and female rappers. After Rylo asks Baby about the latter and he ruminates on his answer, the younger rapper’s mind is blown when he realizes what the term means. ““Damn, I ain’t even know G.O.A.T. meant greatest of all time,” he admits. “How the hell you ain’t know what G.O.A.T. means?” replies Baby.

Rodriguez explains, “I just thought you the goat … I used to always think that like, ‘What the hell’s a goat?’ Nah, I get it now. One day I was like, ‘Man, why you wanna be a goat?’”

That puts this cover into perspective:

Naturally, Rylo is once again catching funny flak on Twitter for his faux pas, but this could turn out to be a good thing for him. After all, he did just recently release his new project Been One, which will undoubtedly get more attention as a result. Maybe this is just the GOAT album promo. You can see some more responses to Rylo and Baby’s convo below.

Source: uproxx.com