It really is only us. Lil Baby’s It’s Only Us Tour was already beset by setbacks, including several canceled dates, and is now plagued by the loss of its biggest headlining act. According to TMZ, Australian singer The Kid Laroi has dropped out of the tour, leaving Lil Baby with a slate of openers whose profiles might not be enough to fill the venues he wanted to book.

While GloRilla, Gloss Up, Hunxho, and Rylo Rodriguez — all rising stars in their own rights — all remain billed for now, this could hurt a tour that’s already reportedly been troubled by low sales. For reference, Lil Baby’s tour now no longer includes an Atlanta date — meaning he won’t even be performing in his own hometown. Other cities removed from the schedule include Denver, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Louisville, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Phoenix, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, and San Diego. Baby still shared an updated flyer on Instagram, which suggests he’s planning to proceed in either case.

The tour cancellations have been a hot topic of discussion on Twitter, with industry professionals chiming in to detail the complex logistics that often go into booking and routing a nationwide tour. Meanwhile, fans aren’t optimistic about the future of the tour, asserting that between the price of tickets and the disappointing lineup, it’s no wonder Lil Baby isn’t able to fill the arenas he aimed for. And some have other theories, mainly involving karma:

You can still check out the remaining dates here.