Lil Nas X takes pride in his troll-like sense of humor. But according to him, there’s no bigger troll than Twitter’s former CEO Elon Musk. Now thanks to the social media platform’s forthcoming new name change, Lil Nas X joked that their beef could come to an end.

Musk took to his profile to unveil a video announcing that the site’s new name would be changed to X. Musk followed up the video with several tweets with images of the company’s new logo. After learning of the new name, Lil Nas X couldn’t hold back his excitement.

“I appreciate Elon renaming the app after me, but this is honestly overwhelming,” wrote Lil Nas X.

He added, “Since I haven’t released music in 5 years, and Twitter pays you now. I am ready to accept my destiny as Twitter supreme again.”

Fans joined the conversation, reigniting their desire for Lil Nas X to become Twitter’s CEO. “I mean, Elmo is rebranding as the site as ‘X.’ It’s almost like you were made for this moment,” wrote one person.

Lil Nas X and Elon Musk’s imaginary relationship has come a long way since Nas joking vowed to seek vengeance against Musk after losing his verified blue check.