Weezy F Baby and the F stands for “featured recurring guest host.” Lil Wayne’s love for sports has long been documented throughout his music and frequent appearances on sports debate shows. Now, “The Formula” rapper has reportedly found another way to discuss his thoughts on the biggest headlines in sports media.

According to Skip Bayless, he and Lil Wayne will duke it out on Fox Sports 1’s Undisputed once a week when the show returns from hiatus on August 28. During the host’s latest episode of his podcast, the Skip Bayless Show, he shared the news by saying, “Wayne has agreed every Friday going forward to do a segment with me live. He might not always be in the studio, depending on his schedule. But he’s going to be joining me every Friday.”

He continued, “As for the segment — I don’t know. 12 or 15 minutes? If he’s hot or rolling, maybe we’ll keep him on for a couple of segments if he has the time. That you can look forward to, he is so deep when it comes to sports. He doesn’t yell or scream, but he gets emotional.”

That’s not the only new addition set to take place over on Undisputed. Bayless later revealed to listeners that Lil Wayne will also record the show’s theme song. Lil Wayne originally recorded the show’s song “No Mercy” in 2016. When discussing that upcoming track, Bayless said, “Wayne and I started going back and forth. Sometimes in text. Sometimes face-to-face about ‘No Mercy’ going back a year ago. Because at one point, he said to me, ‘I’m going to do another one.’ And I said, ‘You mean you would replace ‘No Mercy.’ And he said, ‘Yeah.’ You can’t do better than the best. You can’t do greater than the greatest. Because that song — that theme song ‘No Mercy’ and ‘I won’t back down.’ is simply the greatest sports theme song ever. Not even close. And he would say to me, ‘Watch me. Just watch.’ he felt like I was daring him.”

Source: uproxx.com