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Lil Wayne speaks out following Nick Cannon’s health scare.

Last week, Nick Cannon shared a picture of himself in the hospital bed. “Okay, so I guess I’m not Superman… I promised myself I would never be back at this place again… But this is a great lesson to take care of YOU or YOU won’t be able to take care of everyone else.”

The post continues, “don’t trip though, I don’t need any well wishes or prayers, just some solid rest and I will be back on the journey to becoming stronger than ever… it’s just pneumonia, nothing I can’t handle. Crazy thing is, last night we was just rocking a sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden in front of thousands of fans, now I’m all alone in a tiny hospital room. Life is definitely a rollercoaster! #lupusWarrior.”

Lil Wayne commented on the post and sent his well wishes to Cannon. , “GET SOME REST BRO WE NEED U TO KEEP REPOPULATING THE EARTH.”