The 50th anniversary of hip-hop has sparked a series of tributes, dedications to unsung heroes of the genre, and retrospectives on fashion trends over the years. Even the White House has joined in the celebration. Vice President Kamala Harris hosted a special concert at her Washington, DC home on September 9 to mark the occasion.

The event featured performances from several prominent figures in hip-hop, but it was Lil Wayne’s performance that stole the show, according to social media users. This was largely due to a clip from The Hollywood Reporter.

Lil Wayne performed his 2008 hit “Mrs. Officer,” which had viewers laughing out loud. The song’s lyrics, which playfully depict an encounter with a female police officer, were seen as particularly humorous given Vice President Harris’ past as a prosecutor and district attorney, as well as Lil Wayne’s own legal issues.

One social media user likened the situation to an episode of the animated series “The Boondocks.” Another praised Lil Wayne for his comedic timing, suggesting that the song choice was intentionally ironic. Others simply enjoyed the irony of the situation.

Some questioned whether those in attendance at the event fully understood the humor behind Lil Wayne’s performance. One person wrote, “I wonder how many people at the event caught what Lil Wayne did by performing this specific song at the residence of this specific Vice President.”

Another user pointed out the additional layer of irony in Lil Wayne’s performance, given that he avoided a prison sentence on a gun charge by endorsing former President Donald Trump in exchange for a pardon.