Drake has yet to announce the release date for his upcoming album, “For All The Dogs”. However, last week, a tweet from Amazon Music suggested that the album would be released on August 25. When the day arrived, fans were disappointed to find that the album was not available. Rapper Lil Yachty had some thoughts on this.

In the early hours of the day, Yachty took to Twitter to remind fans that no official source had confirmed the album’s release date. He tweeted, “y’all stupid, no body even said for all the dogs was comin out tonight.”

Yachty echoed this sentiment in a TikTok video he posted around the same time. He told his followers, “By the way, I know y’all thought For All The Dogs was coming out tonight: Joke’s on y’all because nobody ever said that it was. Gotta stop believing sh*t you see on the internet.”

He also used this opportunity to promote his own music, saying, “Second of all: I dropped tonight, you know what I’m saying? Check out that new ‘Tesla.’ Wow, that’s oh so shameless, mentioning Drake’s name to plug myself, but whatever. I just dropped. No brakes, still going, I’m going to drop a song every week for the rest of the year. Ah!”

So while fans may not have gotten new music from Drake, they can expect plenty from Lil Yachty in the coming months.

Source: uproxx.com