Rapper Lil Yachty recently took to social media to show off his new haircut, having decided to cut off his braids. He shared a series of selfies, posing backstage and lounging on a couch. “She like my haircut, it turn her on!!!” he captioned the photos, expressing his excitement about his new look.

However, the reactions to his new hairdo were mixed. While some fans complimented him on his fresh look, others made jokes and harsh comments. One user even asked him what was under his hat, to which Lil Yachty responded with a laughing emoji. Some fans had trouble recognizing the rapper with his new hairstyle.

About twenty minutes after sharing the photos, Lil Yachty expressed his disappointment with some of the comments he received. He tweeted, “I did not stop drinking lean for n****s to bully me and tell me I look like I have leukemia.”

Despite the negative comments, Lil Yachty took it in stride and even shared some of the memes that were made about his new look on his Instagram story. One meme featured a photo of a barbershop haircut menu, jokingly suggesting that he chose the “No. 15” style and went bald.

You can check out Lil Yachty’s new look in the photos above.

Source: uproxx.com