Lil Yachty Said He Took The ‘Wock To Poland’ And Fans Praise Him For It While An Airline Asks Questions

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On Friday last week, Lil Yachty dropped his latest track ” Poland” and immediately drew the attention of the world because of one particular part of the song’s short time: “I took the wock to Poland,” Yachty rhymes in the track, making it a major aspect of expanding the meaning of “wock” — a kind that of cough syrup.

One of the accounts that was reacted to on the web was the social media account of Ryanair which is an airline that is located on… Ireland. It’s not Poland but it’s within a reasonable distance geographically. It appears that they have flights to Poland after they asked, “Why do people flying to Poland keep asking about wock.”

Following the theme, people tried to make up Ryanair with a fictitious significance about Poland and wock’s roots. “It’s Polish for leg room,” one person replied. “*work… they’re jobless,” another wrote. Someone tried to translate it “it’s short for lokiec, which means elbow, so obviously they’re asking they want the armrest for when they sit in the middle,” user noted jokingly to keep with the theme of the airline joke.

Then, an variety of memes have appeared on Yachty and her trip to Poland mostly on Twitter. Take a listen to the song by Lil Yachty “Poland,” then continue clicking for more internet-related reactions below.

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Uproxx Lil Yachty Said He Took The ‘Wock To Poland’ And Fans Praise Him For It While An Airline Asks Questions Top HipHop

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