Lizzo is among music’s foremost newsmakers, but she’s repeatedly proved that she’s a diligent observer of the news cycle as well. Between contributing to the Barbie soundtrack and headlining her ongoing Special Tour, Lizzo somehow had time to comment on congressional developments.

On Wednesday, July 26, former Air Force Intelligence Officer David Grusch testified to Congress before a House Oversight subcommittee. Per the Associated Press, Retired Maj. Grusch asserted that “the US is concealing a longstanding program that retrieves and reserve engineers unidentified flying objects [UFOs]” and “likely has been aware of ‘non-human’ activity since the 1930s.” The Pentagon has denied his claims.

According to NBC News, Grusch also claimed “he has interviewed individuals who have recovered ‘non-human biologics’ from crashed UAPs” — opting to use “non-human” in favor of “alien.”

After the news broke, Lizzo tweeted (or Xeeted?), “Aye.. I know there’s a lot of pop culture news and memes going on rn but… THE GOVERNMENT JUST STATED *UNDER OATH* THAT THEY ARE IN POSSESSION OF UFOs AND NON-HUMAN ALIEN BODIES YALL WTF.”

It’s far from the first (or, surely, last) time Lizzo has used her social media account to process news in real time. In March, she tweeted about transphobia in relation to racism. A separate March tweet drew attention to anti-LGBTQIA legislation and Jim Crow laws.

As for Wednesday’s news, Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge was delighted to hear someone else believes “aliens f*cking exist.”

Watch the full hearing below.

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