Lizzo Responds to Kanye West’s Body Shaming As He Gets Censored On Twitter

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Lizzo Clapped and slammed Kanye West over body-shaming comments she made to him.

Based on footage obtained through The Associated Press, the “About Damn Time” singer was able to speak with Kanye during a show on the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto on Friday (Oct. 7).

“I feel like everybody in America got my motherf–ing name in their motherf–ing mouth for no motherf–ing reason,” Lizzo addressed the crowd.

“I’m minding my fat Black beautiful business,” and then asked the audience “Can I remain here? What kind of person can I get married for this double nationality ?”

Kanye West isn’t the only musician to feel the need to make a comment about Lizzo’s body in recent. In August comedian Aries Spears was quoted as comparing Lizzo with “the shit emoji” and “a plate of mashed potatoes.”

In Lizzo’s defense Comedic actor Faizon Love offered a few ideas to express regarding Spears during an interview on the Art of Dialogue .

“The comments in itself are stupid,” Love stated. “I am referring to Lizzo is a star and she’s very talented, but the guy isn’t as skilled. He’s just got one gear. He’s a’Yo boy. If you’ve heard the story of Aries Spears, that’s the one we watched as a child on Def Jam as a kid. He was 13and 14 years old. They flew him to Hollywood believing that he would be one day Eddie Murphy and ‘wamp, wow. He was so mad. .”

Due to his recent remarks The Kanye West’s Instagram account has been shut down as well as his twitter account blocked for posting anti-Semitic content when texting Diddy.

“I’m sleeping a lot tonight however when I awake I’m going to kill 3 JEWISH people,” his post read. The funny thing is that I’m actually not Anti Semitic because black people are actually Jew and you’ve been playing with me and have tried to black-ball anyone who disagrees with your beliefs. .”

The tweet was taken down just a couple of hours following Kanye West posted it on Twitter for not following the platform’s rules as well as guidelines.

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