Logan Paul Blasts Bad Bunny For Allegedly ‘Taking Advantage’ Of Puerto Rican Tax Laws

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Logan Paul has claimed Bad Bunny that it is possible exploitation of the tax laws of Puerto Rico, in his appearance on Philip DeFranco’s YouTube program. Paul who is currently taking advantage of Puerto Rico’s Act 22 program to own his own property, says Bad Bunny utilizes the same tax scheme. (Bad Bunny has recently unveiled a documentary about the gentrification process in Puerto Rico that is a negative take on foreigners who use Act 22 to purchase cheap housing in the country.)

“Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican living in Puerto Rico who is privately taking advantage of the same tax program that he is publicly condemning,” Paul stated. “I have this knowledge and I observe things like this and it is a pain. There are people in Puerto Rico who are aware of this. I’ve seen this music clip which has me stuck in the middle and surrounded by context, which make me appear like an ogre on the streets of Puerto Rico. Although I enjoy Bad Bunny, I cannot be a fan of the hypocritical nature of his exploits.”

In response to his remarks regarding Bad Bunny, Paul pledged to make a donation to the local community using the money he’s saved by using the program, though the amount of his donation isn’t not yet disclosed.

“We’re doing what we can to help,” Paul added. “And I’d like to do more. Truthfully, I ought to do more.”

Yet, those who saw Paul’s response towards Puerto Rico and Act 22 had different reactions. “I feel like Logan doesn’t get that what the community wants is not money,” one person wrote. “To know what you need to do in order to compensate for the damage you’ve done, you need to know what exactly caused the cause of the problem to begin with. People are upset for being pushed from their homes and areas, not because they have not paid enough of your pocket.”

Listen to Logan Paul’s remarks regarding Bad Bunny in Act 22 and Act 22 above.

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