Lupe Fiasco Proclaims ‘The Cool’ His Best Album: ‘I’m Not Bullshittin”

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Exclusive – Lupe Fiasco has reached a new career milestone in his sophomore album The Cool, by Lupe Fiasco The Cool, was just declared platinum and certified by RIAA for sales of over 1 million copies.

It was released on the 18th of December 2007 Chicago lyricstress’ critically acclaimed album produced the smash hit track “Superstar” featuring Matthew Santos, and includes the fan-favorite songs “Hip Hop Saved My Life,” “Little Weapon,” “Paris, Tokyo” and “Dumb It Down.”

Nearly 15 years after it hit the stores, The Cool has handed Lupe the first platinum award for his album. He told his fans last month (September 1.) it was something that was something he “always wanted” to achieve for his band.

“Just got the 1st Platinum Album of my career… The Cool,” He tweeted. “Always wanted one of these for the team [prayer emoji].” He closed his tweet with a reference to the late West Coast rapper Nipsey Hussle by writing: “The Marathon Continues …”

Atlantic Records confirmed to HipHopDX that The Cool was officially certified platinum on September 29, 2022.

In an interview with HipHopDX, Lupe Fiasco explained the reasons behind The Cool getting platinum status is significant and also where he places The Cool among the rest of his catalogue.

“Hip Hop puts a lot into sales and certifications,” Lupe stated to the DX. “So that you can achieve this level is a great achievement. It’s one thing I’ve always wished for -the only thing I’ve not accomplished in rap or Hip Hop.

“I’ve recorded millions. Platinum singles as well as multi-platinum singles like ‘Superstar’, The Show Goes on and all the rest. So I’ve had platinum plaques. But I’ve not had platinum albums. Food and Liquor is gold, Lasers can be considered gold. Food & Liquor 2 is gold, but I’ve not had a platinum album. It simply confirms my place within the industry and places me in a different type of class.”

What makes this achievement more memorable the achievement for Lupe is that the rapper has crossed the million mark in the age of streaming and uses it to measure the quality of his work.

“As superficial as it may be, it means a lot [to go platinum], especially in this era,” Lupe explained. “To be in a streaming era and still putting up 192,000 records — it’s sitting at 1.1 million — and a lot of that came from streaming, at least to push us over and push us over so hard, it speaks to something that we’re still relevant to move units in this era.”

He went on to say: “It gives you some motivation to continue and it helps pay the bills, and other stuff like that. It’s a good thing. I’ll definitely hang it on my wall. I’m sure of getting a platinum plaqueand hanging it in my room. It’s an indication of something.”

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In terms of his position as the album The cool within his catalog, Lupe crowned it his greatest and made use of the sales figures to support his claim. “Where would I put it? It’s my top sales record” said the actor to the DX. “I’ma begin to do that, and the one that was the most popular to sell is the top. It’s easy, isn’t it? Who was the an album that year? Whoever made the most sales of records. Cool? It’s over. The Cool recorded the most sales, and is the top record.”

After being given the chance to retract his remarks on the grounds that he may be joking, Lupe doubled down on his position. “Listen you know, I’m not making a fool of myself’. The number one spot. It’s number one.”

When asked to rate all his discographies, Lupe said the order that he ranks his catalogue is based on the sales figures mentioned above. “It’s easy-peasy, clean, efficient,” he claimed. “It’s extremely MIT for me to accomplish that. It’s scientific and clinical.”

Based on this logic Lupe’s latest album Drill MUSIC in ZION( purchase the vinyl here) It’s his lowest-rated album, as it’s been out only for a short time and didn’t have time to build up its stats. “Yeah, it would be the worst,” Lupe admitted.

The album was released on June 24, The eighth album by Lupe was included in the discussion for 2022’s album of the year. After speaking to Lupe about the low rating he gave his album informed the DX: “Hey, the world works in mysterious ways.”

The month before, Lupe hit the road to celebrate the 15th anniversary coming up of The Cool and performed performances throughout New York, Washington, Boston and San Francisco.

Tyler The Creator was on hand during The New York show in Central Park on September 7 after rapping to every word , and even receiving a shout-out at the end, he was sure to gift the rapper his flower arrangements.

“Seen lupe do THE COOL in full last night,” Tyler tweeted. “Amazing performer. Gold watch is the coolest, but Tokyo, Paris that shoutout was ….mannnnnnnnnn my heart shot out of my body. loved.”

Lupe will continue his anniversary tour by performing on the 9th of October in Los Angeles (October 1). Lupe will also play at One Music Fest in Atlanta. One Music Fest on the 9th of October Tickets are available on this page.

In the meantime, Lupe Fiasco released a couple of songs from his archive last month “The Pen and the Needlz” and “Ohh Oh.”

Originally appearing on Chicago rapper’s mixtape of 2005 Fahrenheit 1/15, the tracks have been reused in a new EP titled Chill’s Spotlight 3. -listen here. check it out here.

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