Rapper DaBaby is making efforts to rebuild his reputation among rap music fans. He has even tried to reconcile with former friend Megan Thee Stallion after their personal disagreement. In recent months, DaBaby has released several freestyles and singles accompanied by music videos. However, his latest video for the song “Ghetto Girls” is gaining attention for the wrong reasons.

On August 26, an actor named Mustang, who was scheduled to play the main antagonist in the video, accused DaBaby of homophobia. Mustang claimed on Instagram that he was edited out of the video because of his past work in adult films.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Mustang shared his frustrations with DaBaby and his experience in the adult film industry. He expressed disappointment about being judged for his past decisions and how it affected his personal and professional relationships. He also claimed that his removal from the video was due to his sexuality and past work in adult films.

Despite facing criticism online, Mustang stood by his claims in a separate post. He wrote, “They definitely cut me from the whole video because people couldn’t congratulate me or applaud. But had to bring attention to my sexuality which had nothing to do with the video or my performance.”

DaBaby faced backlash in 2021 for his derogatory comments about the LGBTQ community during a performance at Rolling Loud. This led to criticism from several LGBTQ entertainers and allies, including Elton John, Lil Nas X, and Madonna. After initially deleting his apology, DaBaby later issued another one reflecting on his actions.

DaBaby’s music video for “Ghetto Girls” can be viewed below.

Source: uproxx.com