On the evening of September 22, Italian rock band Måneskin gave an electrifying performance at Madison Square Garden. The band, who gained international recognition after winning the Eurovision competition in 2021, performed a selection of songs from their third studio album, Rush, as well as their popular cover of The Four Seasons’ “Beggin'”, which catapulted them to TikTok stardom. They also put their unique spin on a beloved Kendrick Lamar hit later in the evening.

Måneskin’s lead singer, Damiano David, made a bold statement before launching into a cover of Lamar’s 2017 hit single, “Humble.” He said, “We cannot be the last rock band… but maybe we can be the first rap band.”

The band’s version of “Humble” was heavily influenced by guitar and drums, but it still retained the potent essence of the original track.

Måneskin has previously demonstrated their ability to draw inspiration from a variety of music genres. In a conversation with Esquire, David shared that this genre-blending approach comes naturally to the band. He explained, “Not to brag, but for us, it comes easy. We have four different and very strong backgrounds—Ethan and Thomas are very into rock n’ roll, punk, more classical, so they bring that energy. And I’m very, very into mainstream music, mainstream hooks, mainstream melodies. So I bring that kind of idea, and they put steroids in what I do.”

A clip of the band’s cover of “Humble” can be viewed above.

Source: uproxx.com