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Mariah The Scientist, who is romantically linked to Young Thug, is receiving backlash for an inmate visitation-themed photoshoot she recently did for Galore Magazine.

The R&B artist appeared to be portraying a woman visiting her partner in jail with a random baby in her hand. She also appeared to be exposing her breasts in one of the pictures. It appears that the feature, which was titled “The Art of Being a Woman,” was taken down amid all the backlash.

Mariah The Scientist seamlessly responded to the backlash tweeting, “Everything I do get ya”ll tight, [I] hate that for you.”

“It seems like everyone is judging you for your past or what they think of [you], not even knowing your circumstances or character, not considering the effort [you] put in to grow and evolve,” the “Spread Thin” singer continued.