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Meagan Good shut the web down.

The actress posted a pic on her Instagram wearing a long, black and pink dress with a short, slicked back haircut. The dress was adorned with a large black and pink rose as well as a thigh-high opening that showcased her body shape.

Meagan poses in The Ebony magazine 2022 Power 100 “how do you manage to outdo yourself every single time?” said Prime Video. “Wow you look STUNNING per usual..” Commented another commenter.

In a previous report, during an the interview on People, Meagan said she’s excited to embark on the next chapter of her life. She stated, “I’m excited about what’s next, and I feel very hopeful.” She continued to talk about the current stage of her life and she said, “Life is not just short, it’s precious, and so I am just being really intentional about being present.”

She added, “I’ve learned that not everybody’s going to get you or like you, and that’s OK. And knowing who your tribe is and being really thankful for that and knowing sometimes they’re not your tribe — that’s OK too.” She continued to saythat “It’s been a lot of changes like going through a divorce.”