When the fair rolls into town, it is supposed to signify a wave of family and fun times. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for Megan Fox. As the actress attempted to enjoy her evening out with her fiancée Machine Gun Kelly, an angry bystander had other plans.

As the “Emo Girl” rapper and his lady stepped off of an attraction at the Orange County fair, he was involved in a tussle with this individual. In the midst of the heated interaction, Fox was accidentally slammed into a barricade fencing off the ride’s entrance and exit points. Pop Crave’s video uploaded to Twitter shows that after realizing that his partner is caught in the mix, MGK quietly grabbed her to bring her to safety.

The clip captured by a fan alleges that the fan physically assaulted MGK, which led to the exchange. Fortunately, based on the footage, neither Machine Gun Kelly nor Megan Fox was seriously injured. The couple did have a security guard present to intervene before the alleged fight got out of control.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox were reportedly on a break from their relationship, but it appears that they are working towards rekindling their romance.

Source: uproxx.com