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In October of last year Megan Thee Stallion joined forces together with the fast food chain Popeyes to create the brand’s very own Hottie Sauce. This sweet-and-sour flavor was available only for a brief period and has since become a sought-after item.

Many fans of Hot Girl Coach have expressed their displeasure in the fact that Popeyes has stopped longer selling the tasty sauce.

“Popeyes needs to bring back thee hottie sauce because this shit was fire,” one person tweeted.

Another fan wrote “Bestie! @theestallion imma need you to work something out with @Popeyes because I need that hottie sauce back! [drooling face emoji].”

It appears that Popeyes isn’t going to return Megan’s Hottie Sauce anytime soon, however, you are able to purchase these if you have additional money. On eBay it is possible to purchase the Houston rhymer’s sauce can be offered for sale at different costs ranging from $1 up to up to $60..

If you’re a pro in the kitchen , you can prepare yourself a homemade Hottie Sauce. Foodie site The Top Secret Recipes has created a copy of Megan’s dip sauce that you can make at home. Mix sugar, cornstarch, Frank’s RedHot cayenne pepper sauce honey, corn syrup, ground Aleppo pepper, and apple cider vinegar. And— you’re done!–you have your very customized Hottie Sauce.

The moment that Megan released the brand Hottie Sauce, it also included an apparel line including sweatpants T-shirts and hoodies as well as bikinis.

In the case of managing the business of her, Megan Thee Stallion always has her bag.

Watch Megan Thee Stallion’s Hottie Sauce Ad and Mukbang Below

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