Miguel, the well-known singer, is currently preparing to release his fifth studio album. It’s been nearly six years since his last full-length project was released. However, with the release of his latest single, a collaboration with Lil Yachty titled “Number 9,” Miguel has confirmed that he plans to release a new album this fall.

On the night of August 25, Miguel performed four songs from his forthcoming album, which TMZ reports is titled “Viscera,” at a listening event held at Sony Studios.

During a performance of a song reportedly titled “Rope,” Miguel was seen getting two piercings in the skin of his back. Assistants then inserted hooks into these piercings. Actual ropes were then attached to these hooks, and Miguel was lifted into the air as he performed the song. He remained airborne for roughly four minutes before being lowered to the ground amid cheers from the audience.

Despite the long gap since Miguel’s last full-length album, his music has demonstrated its enduring appeal. Nearly 13 years after its release, his breakthrough single, “Sure Thing,” has experienced a resurgence on TikTok over the past year.

As of now, no release date for “Viscera” has been announced.

A clip from the show can be seen above.

Source: uproxx.com