Mike Dean Seemingly Takes Issue With Kanye West Sharing Screenshots Of Conversations

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If ever there was a moment to voice complaints about Kanye West, this is the time since he’s been removed by Twitter as well as Instagram. Producer and longtime co-worker Mike Dean appears to have done the same thing this morning (October 9) via Twitter.

Today. Dean posted a tweet that was cryptic that reads “Posting DM and texts from folks is the single most thirsty [thing] a person can do.”

Dean appears to be talking about the numerous Instagram posts Ye posted in the last week, which include images of exchanges with Diddy with Supreme Creative Director Tremaine Emory. The conversations, like those where he was alleged to have made anti-semitic comments to Diddy and Tremaine Emory, are believed to have caused his removal from Instagram.

Ye was a controversial figure over the many years, particularly due to his outspoken support for Donald Trump, as well as his threats to actor and comedian Pete Davidson. However, Dean continued to work with Ye in those days.

When he spoke to Variety earlier this year, Dean said that while he is a fan of working with Ye however, his Donda Sessions were a bit chaotic, particularly due to the fact that the group mixed 35 songs over 10 days.

“We are like yin and yang,” Dean stated about the relationship he has with Ye. “We are real opposite personality-wise, and have entirely different skill sets.”

It seems that Dean could be using these personal differences to stop working with Ye.

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