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It’s been a busy month for Houston rapper Monaleo. On top of dropping her full-length debut project, Where The Flowers Don’t Die, she revealed that she welcomed a newborn baby last week. Still, she is finding time to keep fans fed.

In tandem with the release of Where The Flowers Don’t Die, Monaleo dropped the video for one of the project’s standout tracks, “Wig Splitter.”

In the video, she is seen streaming live on Instagram, in the fashion of a “get ready with me” type video. As she applies make up and switches up her looks, she stands on guard in her home, letting her opps know that while she is, in fact, with child, she hasn’t softened.

On the song itself, she delivers jaw-dropping, raunchy bars, one of the most memorable being “He wanna eat it and save the rest for later like a meal prep.”

Monaleo has long been open about her struggles with mental health, and in an interview with Rolling Stone, she shared that she often uses comedy as a healing mechanism.

“I’ve been through really heavy things and I could very easily dip into those serious topics,” says Monaleo, “but I think just kind of joking about things really does help me cope.”

You can see the “Wig Splitter” video above.

Where The Flowers Don’t Die is out now via Stomp Down. Find more information here.

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