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Moneybagg Yo has shared a new track from hisHard To Love: Heartless Edition mixtape. His latest, “Ocean Spray” is a catchy, melodic ode to lean, where he marvels in luxury as he sips on that syrup.

“I’m juiced up / Ocean Spray / I’m poured up / Let’s drink some more today / I’m high now, might float away / if I was outside now / I’m vibed out / new Cartiers hide my eyes now,” he rap-sings on the song’s chorus.

In the song’s accompanying video, Moneybagg drives around the city, captured through a purple filter. Visions of Moneybagg appear in various styrofoam cups, each cutting into a new scene.

“Ocean Spray” makes for a companion to Moneybagg’s other lean-centric track, “Wockesha.” Though, early last year, the Memphis rapper took to Twitter to share that he plans to get sober.

“I use to think being sober would f*ck wit my creative process,” he said. “I see dats just a mind thing cuz I been more active skin glowing and I been dropping nun but pressure.”

Hard To Love: Heartless Edition was originally planned for release at midnight, however, Moneybagg has since revealed that he is pushing the release date back a week.

“Ima Let My Baby @taylorswift13 Drop Tonight,” he said.

You can see the video for “Ocean Spray” above.

Hard To Love: Heartless Edition is out 6/2 via CMG and Interscope.

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