In the sixth episode of season six of “The Chi”, the south side Chicago kids are preparing for graduation and making significant life decisions. Kevin is considering a video gaming job in Los Angeles, which he needs to discuss with his mother and girlfriend Maisha. Bakari reconnects with his sister, and Papa finds joy in a new surprise in his relationship with Kenya. However, not everything is going smoothly in Chicago.

Keisha finds a bag of money that Douda and Nuk forced Emmett to hide at his home, leading to a breaking point for Emmett as he tries to escape his deal with Douda. This doesn’t go well for him, and Bakari also faces difficulties after his arrest for driving a stolen car. Victor is being investigated for Q’s murder and must decide whether to confess his involvement. Marcus and Jemma’s disagreements continue, but these aren’t the worst things that happen in this episode.

Papa’s father appears to be dead after being killed by someone presumably associated with Douda.

The episode, titled “Boys II Men”, is accompanied by various songs that enhance the emotions of each scene. These include tracks from Preston, Crown, J Doe, Stix, Kieran The Light, Rukus, EMAN8, Durand The Rapper, Lupe Fiasco, Amari Noelle aka Britney, Alonda Rich, and Travon Potts.

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