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21 Savage is sending the internet into an uproar.

On Clubhouse, 21 Savage speaks about Nas his relevance. He states, “I don’t feel like he’s relevant,” he stated. “I think he’s had a loyal following. He’s still a great musician.” On the phone 21 was asked about what his definition of relevance was. “Mostly connected or appropriate to what’s being done to be considered,” 21 stated in response.

Social media did not respond positively to 21’s comment. One user wrote “It’s hilarious because Nas aged 49 just dropped four more top-quality records than his entire discography. It’s more fun because 21 Savage is gaining traction solely because of Drake during the last year..”

Nas hasn’t replied to 21’s comments yet, but Jungle, his younger brother Jungle did. Jungle’s comments are in The Shaderoom’s blog post “21 Savage is trash. I’m glad Nas has dropped his KD3 album so his fans can actually hear bars…21 could you assist me? (laughing emojis).”

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