Nas and Hit-Boy have announced the end of their creative collaboration with their sixth project since 2020, “Magic 3”. The album, which is set to drop soon, has been promoted with a tracklist featuring 15 songs, including a single feature from fellow veteran Lil Wayne. Hit-Boy commented on the album’s release coinciding with Nas’ 50th birthday.

The partnership between Nas and Hit-Boy has been notably successful, producing six projects in four years. Starting with “King’s Disease” in 2020, their collaborations have seen Nas work with a variety of artists, ranging from emerging talents like 21 Savage to established figures like 50 Cent. The second part of the “King’s Disease” trilogy also earned Nas his first Grammy win and solo performance.

Nas has praised Hit-Boy’s impact on his career, referring to the California producer as his “Quincy Jones” and stating that their collaboration is “magic”. This statement inspired the title of their collaborative trilogy, which concludes with the release of “Magic 3” through Mass Appeal Records. The tracklist for the album is as follows:

01. “Fever”

02. “TSK”

03. “Superhero Status”

04. “I Love This Feeling”

05. “No Tears”

06. “Never Die” Feat. Lil Wayne

07. “Pretty Young Girl”

08. “Based On True Events”

09. “Based On True Events Pt. 2”

10. “Sitting With My Thoughts”

11. “Blue Bentley”

12. “Jodeci Member”

13. “Speechless Pt. 2”

14. “Japanese Soul Bar”

15. “1-800-Nas-&-Hit”