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The player is loaded…

Nas isn’t bothered by internet chatter.

We have previously covered that, in Clubhouse, 21 Savage speaks about Nas his relevance. Savage says “I don’t feel like he’s relevant,” he said. “I believe that he has a fan base that is loyal. He’s still making great music.” On the phone 21 was asked about what his definition of relevance was. “Mostly connected or appropriate to what’s being done to be considered,” 21 replied.

Following the virality of the comments, Nas’ brother Jungle was a bit of one of his opinions. Jungle’s comments are in The Shaderoom’s blog post “21 Savage is trash. I’m glad Nas released KD3 to ensure his fans are able to hear real bars…21 are you able to help me? (laughing emojis).”

21 followed up , and claims his remarks were misinterpreted and were taken out of context. 21 explains on Twitter “I will never be disrespectful to nas or any other legends who has paved the way for me. You guys should try to take what you read and go with it …”

Nas has also joined the chat. Nas shares a photo on Instagram featuring a smiley emoticon along with the phrase “LOVE” as the caption.

Check out the video at the gallery below.