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Nia Long says her 11-year-old son was not having an “easy time” following Ime Udoka’s cheating scandal.

We previously reported that the former Celtics coach had an affair with one of his female staff members. Reports claim Udoka participated in an intimate relationship with a woman who works for the franchise’s staff.

Following the news, Nia says, “I went home to be with my son, and that was what was most important to me, because he was not having an easy time,” Long said of her son Kez. She also says she had to take him out of school when the news became public.

“I think the most heartbreaking thing about all of this was seeing my son’s face when the Boston Celtics organization decided to make a very private situation public,” she added, noting that Kez “still has moments where it’s not easy for him.”

Nia also issued a statement following the incident. “The outpouring of love and support from family, friends and the community during this difficult time means so much to me,” Long said at the time. “I ask that my privacy be respected as I process the recent events. Above all, I am a mother and will continue to focus on my children.”