Nick Cannon, despite separating from Mariah Carey almost nine years ago, continues to express his affection for the music icon. In a recent interview with The Diary Of A Ceo, Cannon spoke positively about his time with Carey.

He recounted an incident where Carey came to his rescue after he collapsed while jogging in Aspen, Colorado. Cannon said, “Mariah came in and found me. They rushed me to the ER in Aspen… I didn’t think it was that bad because I had just got back from jogging in Aspen. They thought I probably had altitude sickness.”

This incident occurred before Cannon was officially diagnosed with lupus, but it’s a memory he cherishes deeply. He said, “I think that’s what you do when you find a help-mate. When you find someone that you’re in matrimony with. I went hard for her, and I’d still go hard for her. I’d lay down my life for her, even today.”

This is not the first time Cannon has spoken warmly about his time with Carey. In March, he referred to Carey as the love of his life. You can watch the full interview above.