Nick Cannon Trends After One Of His Baby’s Mothers Suggests She Can’t Afford Night Nurse

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Nick Cannon is yet again a hot Twitter trend after one of his mother’s of the baby, Bre Tiesi, suggested she wouldn’t be able to pay for a night nurse.

On the 19th of September, Tiesi shared a video message on Instagram in which she admitted that she hadn’t been sleeping “in like three days” due to her son’s two months old who was “screaming his little head off.” A follower quickly suggested that she hire an evening nurse to assist her.

Tiesi later asked the person if they’d like to cover the cost and they replied, “Tell Nick! !” to which Tiesi replied: “I don’t need your non-solicited advice, thanks. U must have a nerve.”

She also warned anyone who gave advice to the family and herself. She wrote in her IG Stories: “KEEP MY PARENTING, MY KID, AND MY BABY DADDY’S PERSONAL NAME OUT in your mouth. Nick is not My sugar dad. Nick is MY FUCKIN CHILDS FATHER THAT IS ALL. Pay attention to your fuckin’ mouth when you speak about me!”

That’s all it took and, soon after, Twitter exploded with memes jokes, jokes and more non-solicited tips for new mothers. There was a lot of discussion about the fact that Nick Cannon has fathered 10 kids over the years, and four in one year.

He’s pledged to take charge of his family despite his hectic schedule and, according to HipHopDXin an interview in the spring of this yearthe average is four hours of rest every night.

Bre Tiesi finally confronted the discussion in the one of her Instagram Stories, explaining in a long message why her remarks were not taken into context. Instead, she claimed she was experiencing a difficult mother-daughter moment.

“LOL here we go again no one was venting, I took nothing ‘left,'” she wrote on Sunday (September 25). “I am talking about the fact that I’ve not slept because my baby’s teething so early, and the fact that one of my family members was visiting and the milk splattered all over the sofa. I placed my ember cup into the microwave that is electronic, and it was just 9am.

“To then have someone say nick should pay for a night nurse … not sure how ANYTHING I was saying had to do with needing a night nurse of Nick at all.”

She went on to say: “All I was sharing was a very difficult time as a mother being truthful, and after working and sleeping it was one thing that happened after another. NOONE talked about Nick the person who decided to make him the subject of discussion. The person was able to take it up like everybody else. I hear it every day.. and the other countless snarky comments . I’m just fucking it.”

Nick Cannon welcomed his ninth child,Onyx Ice Cole Cannon on the 1st of January. The singer announced the birth of his baby on his Instagram post.

“Introducing ONYX ICE COLE CANNON,” he announced. “Once again, I’m in Awe of the Divine Feminine! God has granted me and @MissLanishaCole a chance of being the host for the role of an Angel in this world. I pledge to safeguard the child, assist, and cherish that child with the very best of my ability.

Nick Cannon Talks Vasectomy Plans: ‘I Went On The First Date But We Are Not Committed’

“In this time of celebration and jubilee I would like to silence the low frequency frequencies and to only celebrate with the highest class of Civilization who are fully at one with the purpose we have set for ourselves in this realm. I’ve decided to stop trying to define myself to the world or for society, and instead, I’m working to improve and become the eternal Being that God chose me to be.”

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