Nick Cannon, known for his diverse career in rapping, comedy, television hosting, acting, and fathering 12 children, often discusses his large family. His brother, Gabriel Cannon, recently commented on the subject during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. When asked if he could name all of Nick’s children, Gabriel humorously admitted he hasn’t met them all and wouldn’t attempt to name them, referencing a recent incident where Nick forgot to mention one of his children’s names during an interview on The Howard Stern Show.

Gabriel also revealed that he uses notes on his phone or Google to remember all the names of his nieces and nephews, as they are all available online. The incident he referred to occurred when Nick was asked to name all 12 of his children on The Howard Stern Show and accidentally omitted his daughter Onyx.

In December, Nick and his wife welcomed their latest child, Halo Marie Cannon. Alyssa Scott, the mother, shared a heartfelt Instagram video captioned, “December 14 2022. Our lives are forever changed,” expressing her joy and the profound impact of the birth on their lives. She also mentioned feeling the presence of their late son Zen in the room during Halo’s birth.