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Nicki Minaj didn’t have any kind words for Yung Miami on Twitter on Wednesday, May 24, but she took a break to shower Karol G with praise.

Karol G is the newest cover star for Elle, and as part of her cover star duties, she participated in “Life In Lyrics” for the magazine’s YouTube channel. The Colombian artist spoke about”Tusa,” her 2019 collaboration with Minaj.

“When I had this song, I just text on Instagram to Nicki Minaj,” Karol G explained. “We never had met before, and it was so special for me that she loves the song, and she just jump on it — like, singing lyrics in Spanish. We were really grateful about her celebrating our Latina community.”

She continued, “And I remember [during] the pandemic, this song was one that people used to sing in the balconies, so this one is really, really special. I know you love ‘Tusa.’ I love ‘Tusa,’ too.”

Someone shared that clip on Twitter, which caught Minaj’s attention.

“But the thing is, Karol sent me another song @ first & I asked her to send smthng else,” Minaj tweeted. “She didn’t want to b/c she said the reggaeton was what was popping at the time. But she still sent a new song. When I heard Tusa I fell in love. I think I was pregnant. I was dancing w/husband non stop in the backyard. We swore we were doing the merengue. The song made us feel so happy. That’s how I knew it was the one.”

When another person said Karol G and Minaj “owe the world a performance” of “Tusa,” Minaj shared, “To be fair, Karol asked me to perform it with her on 2 different award shows, if I recall correctly. By that time I had gotten preggers tho & I was still keeping it a secret. I hated having to pass up on it but papa was growing in mama tummy. Lo siento por mis fans Latinos.”

“Tusa” is certified diamond as of November 2021, per RIAA.

Karol G recently announced she will embark on the Mañana Será Bonito Tour later this year, so maybe Minaj will make a surprise appearance and finally deliver “Tusa” in a live setting.

Watch Karol G’s “Life In Lyrics” video below.

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