Nicki Minaj continues to fuel her alleged feud with Cardi B and Offset. Earlier this week, a video emerged online showing her husband, Kenneth Petty, seemingly making threats towards Offset outside a hotel where he and Cardi B were reportedly staying.

Following the video’s release, Minaj reinforced her stance by sharing a snippet of new music on Twitter. In the lyrics, she raps, “I can’t be playin’…I married a G/ I got some…that do what I say, if I tell ’em to shoot, they pull up on the three.”

DJ Vlad criticized Minaj on Twitter for her actions. He pointed out that Minaj’s husband is currently under house arrest for threatening Offset. He also mentioned that Minaj had previously threatened to send her husband to confront Akademiks over his comments about her.

On the night of September 22, Minaj hosted an Instagram livestream from a studio before her Queen Radio Amp show. Surrounded by supporters, Minaj did not directly respond to Vlad’s comments but issued a warning, stating, “It’s a difference between making calls and calling the shots” throughout the stream.

So far, neither Cardi B nor Offset have responded to this particular comment.

Cardi B is signed to Warner Music. Uproxx operates independently but is a subsidiary of Warner Music Group.