The missing Titanic tourist submersible has everyone talking. While there’s still no telling where the five missing passengers, who took an undersea voyage in the submarine to see the remnants of the Titanic, may be, several people have taken to social media to express concern.

Last night (June 21), Nicki Minaj took to her Amp radio show Queen Radio to express concern and dismay over the idea of taking a submarine to see the remains of the sunken ship.

“No one should be hopping they ass on a submarine talking ’bout they going down to the Titanic,” she said.

But despite her disapproval of the activity, Minaj sent well wishes to the missing passengers and offered prayers for their safe return.

“I’m keeping all five passengers in my prayers and wishing all the best to search and rescue teams,” she said. “I just hope everyone stays safe.”

Earlier, in a since-deleted tweet, Minaj expressed shock that such a tourist activity was even open for people to participate in.

“Praying they make it back to their families,” she said. “This is so scary and should not be allowed. Like wtf? I just assumed they were marine biologists…finding out this was a ‘tourist’ ‘Titanic’ thing??????”

You can listen to the full episode of Queen Radio here.