While many of the rap girlies of the summer on lock, the queen is gearing up to remind everyone who’s running the game. This November, Nicki Minaj will release her long-awaited fifth studio album, Pink Friday 2.

Minaj revealed the title and release date for Pink Friday 2 about a month ago, and is continuing to tease it. Today (July 29), she took to Twitter to check in with the Barbz and offer an update.

“Y’all, I’m not even kidding. In 111 days, Pink Friday 2 is coming to save & restore hope in mankind,” she said, “omg barbz I love you I dooooo! Like when y’all have this masterpiece y’all gon be on [cloud emoji] [9 emoji]. Omg I love it so much y’all.”

She also shared a special story about how the title of her upcoming album came to her.

“I tweeted PF2 pregnant I believe right y’all?,” she said. “That means papa gave mama the name. And so shall it be…blessed.”

“Papa” refers “Papa Bear,” the nickname Minaj gave her son, whose actual name, she has not revealed.

Minaj did, in fact, post a tweet reading “PF2” back in June of 2020.

However, she shared today that she was initially hesitant to title the album Pink Friday 2, which suggests it’s a follow-up to her 2010 debut album, Pink Friday.

“I was apprehensive calling it PF2 b/c the barbz were yelling @ me & saying they hope I knew those r big shoes to fill,” she said, “but now I know that I’ve done her proud. She will forEVERRRR be THAT GIRLLL!!!!”

Pink Friday 2 is out 11/17 via Republic Records and Heavy On It.

Source: uproxx.com