Nicki Minaj Thinks Her New Video Was Age-Restricted On YouTube To Stop Her From Getting Views

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Nicki Minaj isn’t satisfied with her latest song ” Likkle Miss (Remix)” featuring Skeng being restricted to a certain age on YouTube. She’s in such a tizzy that she believes it’s an effort to stop her from gaining views on the video (and getting the coveted advertising revenue) which is being orchestrated by executives at a different record label. In spite of being astonished by the “Likkle Miss” video featuring many close-ups of her gyrating rears The singer claims that there are other video clips “a million f*cking times worse” on YouTube and claims that YouTube’s top executives are working with a rival label to prevent her from carrying her bag.

She detailed her case in two Instagram posts that showed a picture of the age restriction notice on YouTube.

Imagine this. They have rescinded my fucking video however, they made things a million more times better on their BOGUS PLATFORM. They do this to prevent your from winning, while running ads for other people, and posting fake FKNG statistics. Because the same people who control YouTube are in a relationship with a particular record label and MNGMT company. GO SUCK OUT YA MUDDA BIG PUM PUM. LYOR IT BETTER NOT BE YOU.

This was done to prevent us from getting lots of views within the first 24 days. The DUDS of my label allow people to use my videos constantly to promote their weak shit, but they the label said that they can’t purchase promo to my video. YouTube Music @youtube It’s time to inform people that you’re sleeping with a entire RECORD LABEL and MNGMNT COMPANY !!!!! HOW LONG HAVE YALL BEEN PLAYING THE NUMBERS GAME TO LIE & PRETEND PPL R DOING “GOOD” WHEN THEY R NOT ?!?!! HOW MUCH AD SPACE DID THESE DUDS PURCHASE TO BE PROMOTED ON MY CHANNEL IN THE LAST 5 YEARS ?!??!! !

It’s not the first time Minaj. Minaj has made a argument against industry misbehavior. In the year 2018, when she was disappointed with the album’s success Queen the Queen, she launched a rant on social media against companies like Spotify, accusing them of using blackmail against her. In any case the song’s video “Likkle Miss” is out right now, and you can see it here..

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Uproxx Nicki Minaj Thinks Her New Video Was Age-Restricted On YouTube To Stop Her From Getting Views Top HipHop

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