NY Correctional Officers Plead Guilty of Smuggling Contraband Into Rikers for Bloods Gang

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On Tuesday Two New York City corrections officers confessed to smuggling contraband onto Rikers Island.

According to the Department of Justice, prosecutors say Krystle Burrell and Katrina Patterson accepted a total of $44,000 to bring narcotics and cellphones into the facility. They were reportedly receiving payments from bloods gang members. Burrell aiding one of the inmates to facilitate business.

Krystle Burrell, who is 35 admitted to Bribery and admitted that she took more than $10,000 in bribes from partner in crime Terrae Hinds in exchange for the smuggling of illegal mobile phone into Rikers’ Anna M. Kross Center at Rikers. She also helped facilitate Hinds sales of illegal drugs and other items inside the facility.


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Katrina Patterson, 31, had admitted previously to taking the bribe of $34,000 when she was she was indicted on August. 16. Patterson was accused of smuggling contraband into the Robert N. Davoren Center located on Rikers Island in support of Co-defendant Michael Ross. Ross is a Bloods Gang member, admitted to a charge of bribery and is waiting to be sentenced.

“The defendants threw in their lot with Bloods gang members and betrayed their sworn duty to maintain the safety of incarcerated individuals and other correction officers at Rikers Island by smuggling cell phones and drugs into the jail,” said United States Attorney Breon Peace. “This Office and our law enforcement partners are committed to rooting out corruption at Rikers Island.”

“When correction officers betray their oath to serve and protect, the public is put at risk and the entire law enforcement community is tarnished,” said NYPD Chief Keechant Sewell. “We do not tolerate these kinds of crimes. In today’s guilty plea, the defendant, Ms. Burrell joins Ms. Patterson in publicly acknowledging their actions were morally wrong ethical, unprofessional, and lacking integrity. They were in complete opposition to the fundamental standards for our field.”

If convicted, Burrell faces up to 10 years in prison, while Patterson is facing as long as five years. Charges against Hinds remain pending.

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