This year’s BET Awards still has everyone talking. One of the highlights of the evening was Offset and Quavo‘s reunion during their tribute to fallen Migos member, Takeoff.

The performance came after months of rumors that Offset and Quavo had been beefing — rumors that began months before Takeoff’s death this past November. This past Thursday (June 29), Offset took to Instagram live to break down how the performance came together. It seems like there’s nothing but love between him and Quavo.”

“The BET performance was iconic man,” said Offset. “It cleared my soul. Me and my brother Qua, we put that together within 16 hours. Like 15 hours. We land from Paris like at 9 P.M. and go straight to work to figure out how we gon’ put the show together man.”

During rehearsals, the two didn’t sleep, and the secured the performance’s visual components within the span of less than a day. Because of this, Offset deemed the Migos “real stars.”

He also doubled down on the positive sentiments toward Quavo, seemingly assuring fans that there’s no long beef between the two of them.

“Me and Qua stood tall, brother to brother,” Offset said. “You dig what I’m saying? And I appreciate everybody for supporting, man. It was a movie, it was a vibe…And you know, when you put the three heads together, it’s always gon’ be cinematic. It’s always gon’ be the truth. It’s always gon’ be Godly. Thank God for that moment. And like I said, RIP to Take. Y’all know how we coming about my brother. And we did it for Take. And we still don’t take. That’s our legacy. Migos forever. The greatest group to ever do it.”

You can watch part of Offset’s livestream above