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Omeretta The Great joins TT Torrez and gets candid with her upbringing and the start of her career.

You may know Omeretta from gracing the small screen, appearing on VH1’s ‘Love and Hip-Hop’ or you may have heard spit some dope rhymes. The Atlanta rapper went viral back in February for her hit song, ‘Sorry not Sorry’ which took shots at certain rappers who claim they’re from her hometown of Atlanta.

Omeretta opens up about the moment she went viral, her upbringing, the start of her music career and the death of her father. She also talks Rihanna, and how she has hopes of too starting her own fashion line.

Watch the full interview above.

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Hot 97 Omeretta On Growing Up In ATL, Her Father’s Passing, Rihanna + Going Viral Top HipHop

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