Rick Ross can’t seem to dodge zealous skydivers. This past Sunday (July 2), Ross hosted a pool party at his house in Georgia. This party spawned various viral clips, including one of him stumbling off of a diving board as he attempted to make a dive into the pool.

But in a perhaps more full circle moment, it appears a favored guest of Ross’ made a second appearance at his Promised Land estate.

In a clip shared to social media, Ross is seen in astoundment, as he learns that a skydiver is parachuting into his yard.

“They told me the parachute guy landed somewhere,” said Ross in the clip. “Where he at?”

Ross then faces the camera toward the sky, where the skydiver is seen making his way through the air, and preparing to land on Ross’ roof.

“Ay don’t land on my roof!,” says Ross in the clip.

This isn’t a parachuter’s first attempt to enter Ross’ property. Back in June, a parachuter tried to jump his way into Ross’ car show, however, was arrested upon his landing. Ross urged the police not to press charges on this fan.

At the time of writing, it is unclear as to whether or not the skydiver who crashed the pool party is the same skydiver who attempted to crash the car show.

You can see a clip above.

Source: uproxx.com