The “It’s All A Blur Tour” has not only been a lucrative venture for Drake, but it has also served as a medium for him to provide fans with immediate updates about his music. On July 20, Drake announced that his upcoming album, “For All The Dogs”, would be available on streaming platforms soon. Although the official release date has not been disclosed, Drake has hinted at potential collaborations with Bad Bunny and J. Cole.

On Monday, August 21, Drake revealed the album cover on Instagram, which was designed by his favourite artist, his 5-year-old son Adonis Graham. The young boy creatively interpreted the album’s title, replacing the expected image of a cute domestic dog with a more eerie werewolf, adding an element of intrigue to the upcoming project.

Prior to the release of Drake’s poetry book in June, he hinted at a connection between the literary work and his forthcoming album, stating, “I made an album to go with the book. They say they miss the old Drake girl; don’t tempt me.” The phrase, “For all the dogs” was included below this message, possibly indicating a return to Drake’s certified lover boy era.

As of now, no additional details about “For All The Dogs” are available.